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Outline of Company


Japan Special Flow Instruments Co., Ltd.

Headquarters : 2-4-1, Aobadai, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken
 Telephone: 04-7172-1111(key number)
 FAX: 04-7175-6870
Sales DP : 2-4-1, Aobadai, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken
 Telephone: 04-7172-1332(key number)
 FAX: 04-7175-6895
Foundation May in 1938
Capital Authorized capital-20 million yen
Paid capital-10 million yen
Representative director Fumisato Itoh

  •     The company was founded as Itoh Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in May 1938, its organization and name were renamaed to Mejiro Electric Machine Co., Ltd., at the same time the business relating to the flow meters was separated and its company was inaugurated as Japan Special Instrument Co., Ltd.
        However, in 1945, all the factories and facilities were entirely burnt by the war disaster, and all the business were stopped.
        The company was re-inaugurated at Sumida-ku in Tokyo in the year of 1948, and the organization was revised to company limited in April 1958.
  •     The factory was established at the present Kashiwa City in Chiba Prefecture in 1958.
  •     Kashiwa Factory was fully reconstructed for expanding the business in 1986, and the installations were renovated in order to have them matched to the high technology era.
  •     The capital was increased to 10 million yen in July 7 1995, and thus leading to the present day.

Manufactured product items
    Glass taper tube system flow meter, metal tube system float type flow meter, float system flow meter with constant flow valve, mass-flow meter, mass-flow controller, gas mixing unit, electric system flow transmitter, flow indicator, flow indication integrating meter, batch controller, precision pressure reducing valve, back-pressure valve, flow switch and other various units and devices.
*  Our company's products are data-controlled by the manufacturing numbers. If you hope us to manufacture the same product as that being used at present, or you are making an enquiry for repair work and the like, please inform us of the manufacturing number.

2-4-1, Aobadai, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken
TEL(0471)72-1111(key number) FAX(0471)75-6870

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