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MFC TYPE (Mass Flow Meter)

     The NTK mass flow controller was the integral structure product where two kinds of MFC from the conventional flow caliber from 3A through 10A and from 15A through 25A have been assembled with the mass flow transmitter and the flow control valve. In the mass flow range from 32A through 65A, this controller was used in the separate combination with the mass flow transmitter + flow control valve, but this controller has adopted a new mechanism of flow control valve portion that has this time been developed, and thus completed the mass flow controller of mono-block structure and thus has been newly sold out.

Special Features:
  • This controller is compact type where the mass flow meter has been integrated with the control valve.
  • The maximum air is 2NM3/M where the mass flow can be flown.
  • The pressure of gas itself is utilized to the control of value for driving the controller.
  • The primary side pressure needs the level higher than 0.7kgf/cm2G.
  • The consumed electric power is less because the drive motor is a pulse motor of super compact size.
  • Because two metallic bellows are used to the valve drive portion, this controller has excellent responsibility and stability.


  • Accuracy: Full scale +-1%
  • Linearity: Full scale +-0.5%
  • Reproducibility: Full scale +-0.2%
  • Response: 0 through 93%   Less than 2sec.
  • Activating pressure difference: 0.7kg f/cm2G
  • Max.pressure: 5kg f/cm2G
  • Service temperature range: 0 through +45degrees centigrade
  • Permissibble ambient temperature: 0 through +45degrees centigrade
  • Working environmental: Limited to the indoor use
  • Pressure affect: 0.2%/1kg f/cm2
  • Temperature affect: 0.05%/1degree centigrade
  • Temperature drift: 0.05%/1degree centigrade
  • Flow caliber: 32A through 65A
  • Measurement range: 1:50
  • Control range: 1:20
  • Power source: DC +-12V
  • Output signal: DC0 through 5V
  • Control: DC0 through 5V(outside settable)


  • Valve drive system: Self-actuated constant differential pressure meter, pulse motor drive.
  • Valve shaft seal: Bellows seal structure(SUS316)
  • Valve seal leakage: Lower than 2%FS
  • Contact gas portion material: *SUS304, SUS316
  • CV value: Constant value for every caliber

No. Dia. Integral type Mass Flow Controller flow range
(A) (B) /min. /h
01 32 11/4 20 thorough 400Nl/min 1.2 through 24Nm3/h
02 40 11/2 35 through 700 2 through 40
03 50 2 60 through 1200 3.5 through 70
04 65 21/2 100 through 2000 6 through 120

home Outline of Company Products inventories new guide